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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Knowledge seeps through my veins runs in my blood and empowers all of my body

Wisdom fuels my soul for my ancestors live within me, through me  for I am my ancestors creation

       I shed the layers of the mundane way of processing and understanding who I am  and open up the path to divine understanding that:

                                          I am not Dominican, Latin or Light skinned but that.....

                                                     I AM A BLACK WOMAN!!!!!!
For I understand the blood that runs within me and the wisdom and power that was passed down generations and generations before me  because my roots to the Divine Black Nation Is what EMPOWERS me and will always be a part of me!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012


 When I see Him I stare because my eyes try to read him cause there is something about him that's different , different like me

My soul Comprehends yet my mind struggles to understand

My lips are sealed when engaging in conversation but my eyes, my eyes say it all
Just one look and I knew he was something out of this world
Something beyond imagination  cause my soul knows but my mind struggled to comprehend
I added the ed to the word struggle cause my mind is now in tune with my soul cause know all of me knows

He is that something that I yearned for, the one something I always wanted, he is everything I could ever ask for and more  because  my mind and soul both know that he is my DIVINE LOVE, the one that understands me, the one who looks at me from the inside out and embraces and cherishes who I am, the one that can stay up with me for hours talking and has my same point of view but most of all : HE'S THE ONE WHO CAN STAND BY MY SIDE AND REACH THE HEAVENS WITH ME.