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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Knowledge seeps through my veins runs in my blood and empowers all of my body

Wisdom fuels my soul for my ancestors live within me, through me  for I am my ancestors creation

       I shed the layers of the mundane way of processing and understanding who I am  and open up the path to divine understanding that:

                                          I am not Dominican, Latin or Light skinned but that.....

                                                     I AM A BLACK WOMAN!!!!!!
For I understand the blood that runs within me and the wisdom and power that was passed down generations and generations before me  because my roots to the Divine Black Nation Is what EMPOWERS me and will always be a part of me!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. That was real peace, as i sit here to reflect on the words manifest. sunshine into darkness, is what the light is all about, confused and disillusioned are what most seem to be; suddenly I don't get that vibe standing where you are. Continue pouring your energy as obstacles surmount, you know exactly how to soar, because that's what the struggle is all about.