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Monday, November 29, 2010


He I am sitting up in bed thinking to my self
who will I be, where am I going in life
what road leads to success
I put my hands against my chest and I feel my heart beat to the same tune that my two feet walk to
Should I listen to my heart and let emotions lead me or do I think the logical and go down a career that will make me become something
Then if I go down the logical will I be happy, will my life  be all that I wanted it to be  will my dreams come true
Then if I go down the road where my heart takes lead I fear that I will  fall down and never be able to get back up again since I have fallen once before in the temptation of love
I don’t know which road to take, which path I am on, what else life has to throw at me  but I know I got to be strong
Strong for my future, strong for myself, Strong enough to tackle any obstacle in my way cause at the end of the day I realize that  the path on which we walk on depends on the goal we have in mind
We tend to wonder the outcomes  and fear that  we may have chosen the wrong path  but in the end there is no wrong or right  only trial and error  because  we all make mistake but we just have to get back on our feet again and just keep moving forward letting the mistake  become a lesson  and letting your ambition towards reaching your goal grow stronger
Cause in the end when you think about it  there is never an ending point to the path
and it all depends on the way you may perceive it

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  1. As I sit and reflect off the top of my dome, I wise and enlighten those that stray from home; I can relate to all that you feel, because I feel all that you say rests in my inner most thoughts, as well. As the world turns, it seems we have one life to live, as we search for a better tommorrow, in the Days of our lives, however during the edge of night we will rise to a higher elevation of understanding our purpose in this realm because Knowledge of self is Love, Wisdom is Freedom and Understanding is Equality..Peace to all the human families of the Earth Lord Shamik Great God Allah Forever..