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Sunday, October 10, 2010


It’s a poem of a never ending cycle.

It’s funny how I’m finding  myself falling head over heals for this guy but honestly on the inside I’m so scared to love again.

Even though I’m done with you, your always lurking in my mind, in my dreams, in every step I take somehow your always there.

Every time I take one step forward I end up taking three steps back. The more I step back the more I find myself sinking into the dark abyss of the broken remains of my heart.

Each broken piece has one memory of  you and I engraved in it and the more I try to engrave something over that piece it re shatters into other pieces with other memories engrave.

The more I try to forget about you the more I remember you. Every moment I spend with this guy my heart seems to re piece it’s self but never completely because sometimes I just can’t deny the fact that I miss you,but me missing you doesn’t mean I’ll forgive you,because you went back on your word.

You see that’s the difference between me and you, when I said forever I was aiming to fulfill it, and when I said I wanted kids with you  i was never planning to abort them.

The reason I refuse to love you again is because I found someone who knows the meaning of love, who makes me happy and makes me feel like I’m not the only one doing all the loving in the relationship.

I’m not going through that makeup and break up cycle of pain because I fear if I try one more time it can end up with my life being the toll because my heart cannot take another broken piece. It has run out of pieces to break and it has run out of good reasons to love you again.

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  1. This poem is awesome!I wonder if this happened to her in real life.

  2. I think this was awesome. If this poet is reading this where did you get your ideas from?

  3. Oh and are these real experiences your writing about?

  4. To answer all three of you this poem is based on part of my life. I have taken an experience i went through in my life and i elaborate it, to connect with a wider audience mainly targeting emotions

    yours truly
    Natalie Rodriguez