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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Lately I have been stuck within my own little world trying to find peace within myself

Trying to re piece the little that is left of me
the little sanity i contain 'cause life's strain and hardship has gotten to me finally

Cause undoubtedly you came back to me at the right place wrong time
right place because you are to far away from me to let myself fall in love with you again

Wrong time 'cause my heart is already given to someone, someone who realized their love for me while you took your time year after year treating me like crap before you could come to the realization  that you would always miss me, but like I said before the day you woke up and realized you love me would be
the day I woke up with the person who already knew 'cause I'm through with letting you take over me,
I treated you like a king and I was abused emotionally, verbally, sometimes even physically cause you saw me as your toy

Your play thing, but one thing I can say is I'm no longer thinking of you cause I'm in love with the one who fell in love with me
The one who could see beyond the outer image, can read my heart beats before letters hit my lips and make words for me to speak, speak of my love for him, speak about the pain I endured being with you  and how  My new life, is all about me and him

No longer 'bout me and you

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