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Sunday, October 10, 2010


The number one reason relationships seems so difficult is, because of lack of communication. How do you expect to love one another without being able to understand one another? Both men and women need to understand each-other’s need in order to reach  a balance in their relationship. This balance, becoming the door way  to endless emotional and physical  fantasy. A place where male can understand female, and where female can understand male. It’s a win, win situation if you take the following steps into consideration.

First step – As a couple  there are decisions to make,  whether it be the next step in the relationship or what bottle of wine you may want to have for dinner, their will always be an endless possibility of choices.These choices may not seem like much but the choice made  will always either be a gate way to hell  or a  passage way to getting closer to each other.

  women, have you ever wondered why men don’t say much when it comes to making decisions or why it feels like he’s distant? well, the possible reason for this  is because when we let them make the decision and something goes wrong, we either  take it out on them or we get angry in general. We may not realize this but some men may rather stay shut and let it go our way, then argue about it. we also may have the tendency to do that anyways, whether we may realize it or not.

Men, have you ever wondered why your always arguing with your woman even when your silent and don’t say much? Now the possible answer to that is, that women feel like your hiding something. Like your doing something wrong, and she may be accusing you left and right of doing something( most likely cheating).  In order for women to be happy they need attention and communication from their man.

The answer to both your problems  is  ” TAKE THE TIME TO SIT AND TALK IT OUT!!!!”. You see know at days  we are all to busy to think things through or work it out as a couple. We make rushed decisions  and at the end of the day we all feel like we are in store for a fighting session.  If we were to sit down and talk to each other and agree on a decision to make both partners happy, then it will no longer be necessary to argue over the little things.

When i say talk it out  i don’t mean:
women,sit your man down and speak forever  and tell him to shut up every time he’s trying to get a word in  and  Men,  bombard your woman with all the pent up emotions you have held back, because that’s not talking it out. That’s more like the recipe for an atomic bomb waiting to happen between the both of you.

Second step- “BACK ROUND CHECK”  I don’t mean this as  ethnicity or pulling up  the criminal files.  I mean this as a  way of figuring each other out. Find out the small things like favorite things and things that the other doesn’t like, what they are allergic too, fantasies, memories of the past and hopes for the present, find out whether they like to sing in the shower ,  or what makes them smile cause in the end theknowing the  little things goes a long way. It shows both partners that they care for one another, when they take the time to care about the small things.

Women, you may agree with what I’m indicating and  Men, you might think that’s to womanly for you or you’ll find out later on in time  but to a women knowing the little things shows that you really care to about her to take the time to know these things.

Third step-  I believe that  a high percentage of the failing relationship out their in this world  is do to the fact that one partner thinks that their the only one putting in all the work. The irony to that is that most likely the other partner thinks the same. The thing is that “BOTH OF YOU HAVE TO PUT YOUR PART”  you have to give your all in a relationship in order to make it work.
By giving your all i don’t mean:
Women, be so clingy that your not gonna let your guy breathe and Men, throw around a few i love yous like it means nothing  and think  that’s she’ll be okay for the day, because most likely she can’t tell your lack of emotion  behind  those i love yous.  

You might think I’m just like every other women  writing this to go against the male but I’m not. I’m looking out for both male and women  and  sometimes i do agree on the fact that women need to be more caring to their man.You see a relationship is not about being 24/7  with one another  and it’s not about saying i love you  because  when it comes to it relationships are about being able to be apart at times and still care about each other  and feelings the love without the word loving having to be said.

If you take my words into consideration  please share the same knowledge to those you see struggling within their own relationship  because  it is a fact that you aren’t the only person in this world who is having relationship problems,I have  gone through it myself. 

Please remember   to   TALK IT OUT, BACK ROUND CHECKS, AND BOTH PUTTING YOUR PART. Those three will hopefully give you your gate way and keep you out of hell’s way 

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  1. Hi Samantha again,
    Your poems are amazing. I really enjoy them. I can actually relate to your poems. I also went through these experiences.

    Yours Truly,